Weekday Services

Communion bread and wine

Wednesday, 12.30pm Eucharist

This is a small intimate communion service for those seeking spiritual refreshment in the middle of the working week. It is a quiet and reflective service which encourages us to find God’s presence in our daily lives. The service provides a chance to re-centre our lives in the context of our faith. We keep any saint’s day and festival which occur on the day, especially Ash Wednesday.

This service is held in the Lady Chapel every Wednesday at 12:30pm.


Book of Common Prayer

Daily  5.30pm Evening prayer

The service includes Biblical readings, a psalm, several formal prayers and a time for our own prayers. Joining in saying Evening Prayer with others at St Giles’ is a wonderful way to end the working day and put the affairs of the day into the context of our relationship with God. It lasts 20 minutes to half an hour and it helps put a smile into your life and appreciate the beauty of daily life.

Evening Prayer is said every day in the Lady Chapel at 5:30pm.


Votive candles

Friday, 1.15pm Taizé service


Modelled on the worship made famous by the monastic community at Taizé in Burgundy, this service is made up of simple, repetitive songs using lines from the Psalms or other parts of the Bible, brief readings and prayer, with a period of silence in the middle. The other main element is the large number of candles. This service has an atmosphere of peaceful contemplation.

The service is held in the Lady Chapel of the church. The church is open from noon to 2:00pm on week-days. So you are very welcome to come well before the service for a time of quiet prayer.