Life Event Services

Baptism Service

A Baptism is a tremendous moment in the life of a person which marks the start of their life within the community of Christian faith, the church. In St Giles’, baptisms are normally conducted in the 10:30am Sunday morning service. If you want to be baptised, or your child to be baptised, please contact the Vicar to make the necessary arrangements.

A form for a Baptism in St Giles’ can be downloaded here.


Marriage Service

A marriage service is a wonderful occasion to celebrate the commitment a couple makes to one another to live their lives together in a spirit of love. Marriage services are generally on a Saturday, although they can be on any day of the week. As a marriage in church has a legal status, there are restrictions on who can get married which have to be honoured. (Please see the qualifications in the Marriages Measure of 2008.) If you think you qualify to get married in St Giles’, please contact the Vicar for more details.

If you don’t qualify to get married in St Giles’, it may still be possible to have a Wedding Blessing in St Giles’. In order to book a marriage service you will be asked to complete the application form. You may want to look through the form of service as well.

Funeral Service

St Giles’ Church provides a dignified setting for such a highly significant event in the life of a family or community. We aim to make all funerals a reflective and memorable occasion which honours the life of the deceased person and the love they shared. Arrangements for a funeral are made with the Vicar through the undertaker. A funeral service may be held in St Giles’ before a cremation or burial.

To help your relatives plan your own funeral, it may be helpful for you to answer the questions on the form which you can download here.