Sunday 8:00am Holy Communion, Book of Common Prayer


This is a quiet service, an ideal start for any day, whether reflective or busy. The form of service changes very little from Sunday to Sunday and so encourages concentrated, meditative worship. The readings and collect are those set for the Sunday in the Book of Common Prayer (1662). Some may find the austere nature of the service slightly different from modern styles of worship, but it emphasises that God’s love for us is present even when we think we don’t deserve it.

We use the high altar for this service. Most of the congregation sit in the nave, but do use the pews in the chancel if you prefer.


Communion bread and wine

Sunday 10:30am- Holy Communion, Common Worship

This is the main service of the church on a Sunday. We use the liturgy as set out in Common Worship and the readings are taken from the Revised Common Lectionary. The language used in this service is traditional. The readings, intercessions, distribution of Holy Communion all involve members of the congregation. There is generally a robed choir at this service and they will sing two anthems.

During the service activities for young children are provided in the north aisle. Coffee and tea are served after this service at the back of church. The bells will be rung for half an hour before the start of the service.


Book of Common Prayer

Sunday 6:30pm – Evensong, Book of Common Prayer


This traditional service is one of the best loved services in the Anglican Church. The form of this service follows the form set out in the Book of Common Prayer (1662) including hymns and a sermon. There is an emphasis on music and the choir sing an anthem and, at the end of the service, there is an organ voluntary. In term-time, we have a sung evensong with choir every week.

The bells are rung for half an hour before this service.