Financial Giving

Planned Giving

Why Should I Support St Giles Church?
St Giles’ needs a lot of financial support. Besides our on-going costs of maintaining our beautiful and beneficial buildings, paying our clergy, and running the church, we have a number of important projects on the go. However in addition to this St Giles’ Church would like to be able to increase our Outreach Programme. As a church we are flourishing, but we could do more if we were able to raise the amount we receive in Planned Giving.

What is the money for, and how much it costs to run St Giles?
To deliver our ministry and mission to our community we need to fund the basics — the essential costs of keeping our roof on, bells ringing, choir in good song, our doors open. We also need to pay our clergy. We would like to do more in our community of St Giles’, and increase our Outreach work to the wider population… but all this takes money.

This is approximately how much it costs to run St Giles’ in 2014:

Expenses Annually Weekly
Parish Share to the Diocese £45,000 £865
Wages and National Insurance £20,000 £385
Utilities and Bills £12,000 £230
Buildings and Insurance £12,000 £230
Music £8,000 £154
Other Expenses £20,000 £385
Total £117,000 £2,250

Our income needs to match our expenses. We currently need an additional £250 a week to carry on our mission and ministry, and need your support.
How you can help:
If you are not part of the Planned Giving scheme, please consider joining. If you are, could you manage to increase the amount you give? We realise that not everyone will be able to do this, and we remain grateful of your support in whatever way you help life at St Giles’.

Planned Giving:
If you have a bank account, a standing order is the best way to give to St Giles’. You don’t have to remember to pay each month, and it helps us to plan our budget. You decide how much you want to give, and when you want to give it. This is by far the most efficient way of regular giving and it is easy to start. A Standing Order form can be downloaded here.

A standing order can be for a large or small amount. Some people pay a sum by standing order and make extra donations in church when their finances allow. Any amount, small or large, is welcome.

Gift Aid:
Every £1 you give is worth £1.25 because St Giles’ Church can reclaim from the government the tax paid on the money you give. This is at no cost to you. If you are a higher rate taxpayer you can claim a personal tax benefit, which means every £1 you give will cost you only 75p. To enable us to reclaim the tax and increase the value of our gift you need to download and complete the Gift Aid Declaration. A GiftAid Declaration form can be downloaded here.

An alternative way of giving is by using the weekly orange gift aid envelopes. Please speak to our treasurer, Rod Nixon, or a sidesman on duty, and they can organise either of these for you.

For the longer term, please do consider whether or not you are able to leave a gift to St Giles’ Church in your will. Recent changes in inheritance law mean that legacies to any charity (including the church) can reduce the inheritance tax that has to be paid. Speak to our treasurer, Rod Nixon, who can give you the wording of a brief codicil to be added to your will; there is no need for it to be completely re-written.

Cash in the plate:
Some people choose to put cash — notes and coins — in the collection plate. We are, of course, grateful for this, but it does mean the church can miss out on the 25% tax reclaim.
The future is in our hands:
St Giles’ Church has achieved a lot, both over our long history, and in recent years, and the future is exciting. But that future is in our hands. In recent years we have completed a number of major projects such as a total refurbishment of the church’s heating (£200,000), the Garden Project (£60,000), and an upgrade of the interior furnishings (£10,000) however these were all only made possible by generous donations and grants.

Maintaining the buildings, expanding ministry and supporting charities all cost money. The responsibility rests on our shoulders.

The Church of England encourages us to give 5% of our net income to the church and a similar amount to other work that helps to build God’s kingdom. This is consistent with the biblical principle of the tithe.

We hope that you will review your giving, join the Planned Giving scheme if you don’t already participate, and help us recover the tax paid by signing the Gift Aid form.

And most of all,
Thank you


If you wish to talk about any aspect of this, please do contact either The Vicar or the Treasurer. Their contact details can be found here.

St Giles is a Registered Charity, with the number 1135246.