Confirmation Classes

Confirmation Classes start each year in June/ July and go on into the
Autumn. The Confirmation Service is held on a Sunday in October which,
every other year, is at St Giles’. Please contact the Vicar if you would like
to join in:

A participant’s description:

“Confirmation Class allowed me to explore the learn more about the tenets
of the Church, and an opportunity to explore my own spirituality. As we
were prepared for Confirmation we learnt about the structure and history
of the Church, the Bible, and the Christian calendar. We also discussed
the church’s position on marriage, guidance on grieving and loss,
confession, and the Eucharist. We had wide ranging discussion on God
the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit, but it was the opportunity
to think about how these ideas affect my own life and belief that I found
most important. I found it especially helpful to go through the classes,
expertly lead by the clergy, both with people who had already been
confirmed and those theological tyros like myself. The confirmation itself
was an enjoyable day, a public commitment and declaration of our
beliefs, and the start of a much longer journey.”