Bible Study

The Bible Studies happen roughly fortnightly on a Tuesday evening at
8:00pm and last for around an hour and a half. Please get in contact
with the Vicar if you would like to join in:

A participant’s description:

“Bible Study Group offers the chance for a small group of us to come
together to read, discuss and learn more about the Bible and its message.
We are asked to read and reflect on the chosen passage in the days before
the meeting, and discuss our ideas at the meeting. The group does not
debate the ‘authenticity’ nor ‘authority’ of the Bible; more that we select
passages that help us to learn and think about important themes and ideas.
Readings from the New Testament are offered that help us to think about
Jesus’s teaching and how it might be relevant now and to our own lives.
It’s a good chance to hear how other people interpret the Bible and what
it means to them, and to share one’s own thoughts. While there are never
any right or wrong answers, there is good tea, and we learn from
each-other and together.”