Building works

 Status of Building Projects at St Giles – July 2017

 Work carried out in the past twelve months

  • Chandelier now installed and operational in South porch.
  • Video cameras installed around the church following acts of theft in the area of the church- granted by Archdeacon’s Licence.
  • Tombs beside northern pathway made safe by Council – Health and Safety requirement
  • Retrospective Faculty granted for Hymn book Trolley and Display Stands
  • Retrospective faculties still ongoing for garden area, War Memorial Commemoration Display and Archaeological Survey.
  1. Currently Active

Project 900 – Roof of Kitchen area – Now considered to be in need of urgent repair.

Christian Randall of Conservation Architects, has been appointed as the architect to verse the repair of the roof of the kitchen area of the north aisle.  In June it was inspected by experts in Stonesfield slate roofs and judged to be in need of immediate attention. A grant application for this repair to the Heritage Lottery fund is now in preparation.

Project 900 – Organ Renovation & New rooms

A thorough review of the present organ has taken place. The DAC, Dame Gillian Weir and organists associated with St Giles and St Margaret’s have reviewed the various options. Their proposals have been presented to the congregation and to the PCC. As a result, the PCC has taken the decision to replace the current organ with a new instrument.

The replacement of the present organ will release the space under the tower. This presents a possibility of building two or three rooms in the space that is vacated. The selection process for the architect for this building work is underway and a final choice should be made in the summer of 2017. The first stage of any building work will be a feasibility study costing around £5000.

Plans for a promotional video for Music at St Giles are in place. This video will form a major part of the fundraising effort for the replacement of the organ and the building work. The video should be available by the autumn in 2017

Southern Pathway – Avenue of Yew trees


  • Southern Churchyard Yew Tree Walk – Archdeacon’s Permission has been granted for the restoration of the Yew Tree Walk to its original trimming and design.


  • General maintenance


  • To be completed in the autumn 
  1. Awaiting approvals

Nothing currently awaiting approval

  1. Works on hold

St Giles Garden – Close to completion

Final completion awaiting granting of retrospective faculties.

A new faculty will be sought before final phase of works commence.


  • Complete building works


  • Money still in hand = circa £1759
  • Additional funding to be raised from excess revenue from Parish Rooms

Pergola area

  • Retrospective faculties being applied for.
  • Pave steps to yellow doors.

Front area

  • Railings along Woodstock Road (cost circa £5000)


St Giles Choir stalls – PCC approval to be obtained for scheme

                Work held over until installation of new organ completed.


  • To improve the capacity of the choir stalls at the west end of St Giles


  • To be financed from choir academy funds, to be checked once quote has arrived.

Northern pathway – Awaiting design and approval for works by DAC and Planning

Work stalled due to lack of funding from the Council.


  • Build a retaining wall to stop the erosion of the bank


This work is to be carried out by the Parks department. Discussions are in process with Parks Department, Diocese and Conservation Officer.

  1. Possible Future works

 Southern Pathway – Longer term development


  • Repair/ renovate the surface of the southern pathway

(current usage around 3,000 people a day)

  • Create a wider section of the path alongside Eleanor’s garden.
  • Possibly create a disabled access to the church through the south porch


  • No funding currently available for this project.


  • State of current path: Does the current path warrant complete renewal?
  • Width of path: The current path across the churchyard is not very wide
  • Drainage: If the path slopes down to the south porch, water may come into the church when it rains.
  • Access from Banbury Road: The width of the footpath on the Banbury Road is fairly narrow, especially to the north of the churchyard path making it difficult for disabled access.
  • Cyclists: Cyclist on the footpath across the Churchyard make this route hazardous.

Way forward

  • Waiting on discussions with Parks Department.



Please Note

  • Before any works to the church or churchyard are carried out the DAC will be consulted and their approval sought. This is the first stage of seeking a faculty to allow the works to proceed.
  • Any work on the outside of the building or in the churchyard requires the planners to be consulted and planning permission needs to be obtained if required.
  • English Heritage will be consulted before permission to proceed may be granted.


Maureen Chu and Andrew Bunch, July 2017