St Giles’ Girls’ Choir

A choir is one of the few organizations where children work to a professional standard alongside adults. The skills acquired last a lifetime! In joining the Choir, parents/guardians and choristers make a significant commitment to themselves, their fellow team players, and the church: the achievement of goals is dependent on regular rehearsals. In return, a chorister will learn the importance of commitment and team work, self-discipline, and will receive an enriching musical education. They may, later on, move away from music, but the skills they will have gained from the choir will always be with them. Life as a chorister is thus challenging, rewarding, and exciting.

Commitment for trebles

Tuesday 17:00-18:30

Sunday (once a month) 17:15-19:30

Occasional extra rehearsals, services, concerts

Entry for Trebles
Girls would normally audition for a place in the choir when aged between 6 and 9, but we are always delighted to hear from older girls. The Choir Director is looking for children with an ability to concentrate and an interest in singing; he is not necessarily expecting a good voice – this will develop with our support. Girls are encouraged to stay in the choir until they reach 18 years of age.