Music is vital to the worship and ministry of this church: music at St Giles’ is lively, varied, and stimulating. From the music of Francois Couperin to the swings of Jazz concerts, there is a varied scene, with a focus on education. The church dates back to the twelfth century, and the present choir of boys and men is said to date from 1857 when Mr Pickard Hall trained thirteen boys and twelve men. Since that time the church has been served by some eminent musicians: Sir Walter Parratt, later appointed Master of the Queen’s Musick, was organist here.

Our three choirs now have a modern and friendly approach, which fosters musical excellence through rigorous and lively training. The choirs’ pursuit of musical excellence is fully integrated into the life of the church. Concerts, opportunities to learn the organ, organ and choral scholarships, choir tours, academic study all add a lively musical strand to this historic church.

St Giles’ contributes to the heritage of the English choral tradition to the highest of standards.

The Academy provide the necessary training and support for children to sing in the various liturgies at St Giles.

Read about the people who teach, conduct and practice music at St Giles’ Church


St Giles’ offers both Junior and Senior scholarships, all designed to encourage young musicians.

Come and enjoy a rich and varied programme of music in the heart of Oxford.

Discover the beautiful music that the Choirs are performing and have been performing in the past.