St Giles Choir leaflet 22_10.inddChoral music play a vital role in the worship and life of St Giles’ church. St Giles’, like many cathedrals and churches, contributes to the English choral tradition ensuring that the music is of the highest of standards.

St Giles’ has three flourishing choirs:

* The St Giles’ Choir, a choir for boys and men, a choir for girls

* The St Giles’ Singers, which is a SATB (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) choir.

* The St Giles’ Girls’ Choir

St Giles’ Choir of boys and men dates from 1857 but our three choirs now have a modern and friendly approach. The choirs foster musical excellence through rigorous and lively training. Much of this training happens through the St Giles’ Choir Academy, also featured on this web-site.

All three choirs have opportunities to be part of the worshipping life of the church. Opportunities to sing in Oxford chapels, cathedral visits, recordings and tours all add to the feeling of shared endeavour, excitement and learning amongst friends.

For more information please contact Nicholas Prozzillo, the Choir Director.



St Giles 1965



Choir of St Giles at the War Memorial on remembrance Day 1965






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