Music Studies

St Giles’ is committed to immersing our choristers in the academic and creative values which music study offers. Through weekly singing, academic study, and other activities, the Academy enables children to develop skills in self-management, teamwork, problem-solving, and communication. Our parents are pleased with the way in which our supporting studies help their children at school.

Academic studies

Academic studies are not a bolt on: rather, they are an important part of a child’s musical development. Choristers are prepared for ABRSM Music Theory examinations Grades 1-8. Once choristers have achieved Grade 5 theory they embark upon an exciting journey into music history and harmony and counterpoint, along which they are encouraged to work towards Grade 6-8 music theory.


RSCM training

Working towards examinations offered by the Royal School of Church Music helps choristers develop their vocal skills, their musical understanding, and their knowledge of repertoire, including historical context. The preparatory course offered at St Giles’ thus allows a child to gain an insight into music history, and, perhaps more importantly, to begin developing skills to talk about music in meaningful ways.

Singing tuition

Once choristers have demonstrated their commitment to the choir, subsidized tuition is available from an experienced tutor. The tuition covers aspects of technique and choristers are also encouraged to work towards graded examinations in singing.


When I first joined the choir I had no previous singing experience, but the welcoming atmosphere and high quality training made me the chorister I am today


Head Chorister