What is a Quiet Day?

 What is a Quiet Day?

For many of us, life can be frenetic. We hurtle from one task to  another, wondering how we are going to find the time to do everything which is demanded of us, getting more and more tired and risking our physical, emotional and spiritual health. A Quiet Day is an opportunity to take a break, to immerse ourselves in a day which is set apart, a day in which we can rest, reflect and recharge our spiritual batteries.

The Gospels tell us that Jesus knew only too well what it was like to be under pressure. As his popularity as a teacher and a healer grew, crowds of people followed him around, making more and more demands on him. In order to get the peace and quiet he needed, he regularly withdrew to a place where he could be alone with his Father, where he was able to renew his spirit and be refreshed before returning to the world.

A Quiet Day is a one-day retreat, during which we can enjoy an extended period of prayer and reflection. It provides an opportunity for us to regain some balance between doing and being. There may be a theme to a quiet day, the theme being introduced by some input is offered at intervals during the day and these will tend to lead into silence and a period of reflection. There is plenty of time to relax and savour the peace and stillness of this precious time with God. The day will typically begin with a short service, enabling participants to let go and suspend any concerns which they have brought with them. At the end of the day there is also a short service of thanksgiving, a gathering of the gifts that have been received during the day, before leaving for home, relaxed and spiritually regenerated.

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