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St Giles Tour rebuild.inddWelcome! Do come and visit us to explore the different The guideways in which you can participate. To get a feel for St Giles’ before you arrive, please have a look at “A TEN-MINUTE TOUR”.

We welcome children at St Giles’ and have a special family-friendly area on the North Side of the Church. There is a carpeted space for small children and their parents, and a table where older children can sit together. We provide activity packs every week which relate to the theme of the Bible readings or service, and there are plenty of soft toys and books for younger children. Supervision is usually provided, but parents are welcome to stay with their children if they prefer.

A general guide to St Giles’ is available for £5 (plus £1.50 postage). Please have a look at our stained glass in particular when you visit. For those that wish to learn more, a booklet with a more detailed description is available for purchase for £5 at the church or by contacting the Benefice Secretary.







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